With my last blogpost I received many compliments and support. So I decided to come as soon as possible with a 2nd post regarding the use of the so-called Rembrandt light. Most of the images were taken in Myanmar. That’s because the people are so open and friendly and invite you in whenever you come along.

As you probably know my images are for sale as Limited Fine Art Prints. If interested please contact me by email.
DL2 01

Woman smoking a cigar made in a small cigar workshop in her house (along Inle Lke – Myanmar)

DL2 02

Sleeping during market hours in a small place called Krobeiriet near Siem Reap in Cambodia

DL2 03

Drying meat in the living room in a small house on the road from Trongsa to Wangdue in Bhutan

DL2 04

Woman of the Akha minority famous for their headwear. They use it every day, whole day long (small village near Kyaing Tong – Myanmar)

DL2 05

On a market near Siem Reap in Cambodia

DL2 06

Woman resting behind a loom (weefgetouw) in a workshop along the Inle Lake in Myanmar

DL2 07

A boy on the market in Yangon – Myanmar

DL2 08

Woman and child of the Loi minority in a very small village Wan Lone, 2 hours driving and 3 hours walking from Kyaing Tong – Myanmar

DL2 09

Young girl on the market in Mrauk U (Myanmar) selling drinks early in the morning

DL2 10

In a small school (15 children) 2 hours driving from Kyaing Tong – Myanmar. The boy has thanakha on his face

DL2 11

Girl during the day in house because of the rain. This place is 4 hours walking from the road to Kyaing Tong (Myanmar)

DL2 12

A Padaung woman (also called Long Neck) in a village near Kailow (Myanmar) where they are still living in their natural habitat. Most of the Padaung villages in the East are deserted because the Long Neck women are working in Thailand on touristic markets