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Women and Bac Ha Wine (Jan 22nd)

On the last day of the (Chinese) year on the market in Bac Ha you see a lot of selling of the so-called Bac Ha wine. This is corn wine, 60 % and made by the people themselves. The selling is done by women, mostly bought by women but the drinkers are mostly men. It’s…

Nepal – Around markets

In the busy and overcrowded markets I try to isolate individuals. And so I will try to give them back their own individual personality  in their own way of living being either old or young.

Nepal – Kathmandu Street Life

De komende dagen zullen de afbeeldingen van Nepal op mijn blog verschijnen. Dit zal per thema gebeuren en niet chronologisch. De 2 eerste afbeeldingen zullen bij mensen die in de 70er jaren van de vorige eeuw hier ook waren de nodige herinneringen oproepen. De omgeving van de Bouddha Stupa was de verzamelplaats van de hippies…