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Fishermen – Images of fishermen most of them around Inle Lake in Myanmar.

Because of a couple of reasons I was not able to publish posts on this blog during the last months. I will try to show you now more regurarly new images based on the work shot during my last trips. I have not been in South East Asia since the beginning of last year (2012)…

River of Hoi An, Vietnam (near Danang)

Near the city of Danang you will find a small but lovely (but also more touristic) village Hoi An. Strolling through the centre along the river is the thing to do. If you want to see the fishermen take a small boat around sunset.

Myanmar day 8-10 Inle Lake

We spent a couple of days at the Inle Lake. A wonderfull place to be because all the traffic is over water (so no cars or bicycles). And the people have a unique way¬† to use the paddle by one foot. Op het onderdeel dag 8-10 geef ik een samenvatting van het bezoek aan Inle…