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Early sunrise/ Vroege ochtendzon

The early morning sunrise gives you magnifint possibilities for a different view. Here some examples mostly taken in Myanmar….

Available light/ Natuurlijk licht

During the day the light in Asia is hard with too much contrast so you are not able to get a decent image. You have to work inside the houses with the light what is available. I almost never use flash or artificial light because I try not to disturb people in their daily activities….

Men at work (in Myanmar)

After my last post “Cooking at open fire” people asked me to show this time men at work. This post “Men at work” address that issue at several places in Myanmar. Craftsman in a small village near Mrauk U In a small laquerware factory near Bagan At a jetty in Yangon Fisherman at Inle Lake…

Myanmar – balloon flight

There is one possibility in Myanmar for a balloon flight. In Bagan you have to be at the departure area at 05.30 in the morning. After a breakfast you will have a wonderful flight over the hundreds of pagodas against the most beautiful sunrise. Because a lot of people asked for an impression I herewith…

Myanmar day 11-13 Bagan

Bagan the place of 3000 pagoda‚Äôs. In a small wooden pagoda I shot these images of novices. The light was beautiful and the space was exactly what I needed. In dit bericht vanuit Myanmar laat ik , volgens mij, de beste serie zien. Het is geschoten in een houten pagode waar het behoorlijk donker was….