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Portraits Myanmar (Burma)

As you might have seen in my former posts most images are shot with what I call dark light. Specific light in a dark/shady environment. Here are some of the images belonging to my portfolio Fine Art Portraits. During my several trips in Myanmar I travelled far away from the normal roads and so I…

Available Light 2/Natuurlijk Licht 2

With my last blogpost I received many compliments and support. So I decided to come as soon as possible with a 2nd post regarding the use of the so-called Rembrandt light. Most of the images were taken in Myanmar. That’s because the people are so open and friendly and invite you in whenever you come…

Available light/ Natuurlijk licht

During the day the light in Asia is hard with too much contrast so you are not able to get a decent image. You have to work inside the houses with the light what is available. I almost never use flash or artificial light because I try not to disturb people in their daily activities….