As you might have seen in my former posts most images are shot with what I call dark light. Specific light in a dark/shady environment. Here are some of the images belonging to my portfolio Fine Art Portraits. During my several trips in Myanmar I travelled far away from the normal roads and so I crossed many minorities.

special portraits 1

A woman in a cottage in one of the small vilages around Mandalay.

special portraits 2

An old man sitting in front of his “long House” hours walking away from Kyaing Tong.

special portraits 3

A market woman in her shop in the place called Loikow.

special portraits 4

A pipe smoking woman in a village near Kyaing Tong.

special portraits 5

Two Padaung girls in theit cottage near Kailow.

special portraits 6

A rainy day that’s why this child is not playing outside.

special portraits 7

A Rohingya woman in the Rakhine State looking worried because of the social unrest.