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River of Hoi An, Vietnam (near Danang)

Near the city of Danang you will find a small but lovely (but also more touristic) village Hoi An. Strolling through the centre along the river is the thing to do. If you want to see the fishermen take a small boat around sunset.

2 / 2 Nature around the Angkor temples (Feb 16th)

This post is about the way the nature integrated with the temples in the past thousand years. Most trees have grown into the temple of Ta Prohm. It is an amazing and astonishing view. This is my last post from Cambodia. In the coming weeks you will see more images per subject. Thanks for your…

1 / 2 People around the Angkor temples (Feb 16th)

Around the Angkor temples there are thousands of tourists. But of course you also find some local children and devotes persons (monks and nuns). Another element you find around the Angkor temples is nature. In the second post today I will come back to that subject.

First impressions Angkor Wat (Feb 14th)

Almost at the end of my trip through the surroundings of Angkor Wat. One of the oldest Buddhist monuments in the world has inspired a lot of photographers. My excellent guide, Dutch photographer Eric de Vries, really showed me the secret views. Herewith a glance through my images. Because of a lot of hick ups…

Landscapes in North Vietnam (Feb 10th)

Vietnam is known for its different landscapes. Special the North is rather wild because of its volcanic origin. Herewith some of the the landscapes in the North of North Vietnam (except for one which was made in the Ba Be Lake).

Lolo lady dressing up (Feb 6th)

Around Dong Van and Meo Vac (North Vietnam) there is still a very small minority the Lolo which is very hard to find. Moreover the younger ones mostly don’t wear their traditional dress. The dress is expensive and the children love the market clothes more than the traditional ones. I was lucky to pass by…

In the mountains (habitat) (Feb 2nd)

Very fast for my followers some images of the several hill tribes in their natural environment. Have to leave for the boat and will be without internet again for the coming days. More information about the progress of my trip later. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. It will support me.

Green H’Mong minority (Jan 26th)

On our way from Ha Giang to Dong Van we passed by a region of the Geen H’Mong minority. You will find them in several parts of the North. But this part is known for their special head dresses. For this reason with this post I focused on portraits.

Flower H’Mong Youth (Jan 24th)

After Vietnamese New Year the government people has 9 days off (it can be different per region). This is mostly followed by all the people and so in most areas (not the cities) it is quiet. But during these holidays the youth is coming out. You seen them evrywhere in their traditional dresses and the…

Women and Bac Ha Wine (Jan 22nd)

On the last day of the (Chinese) year on the market in Bac Ha you see a lot of selling of the so-called Bac Ha wine. This is corn wine, 60 % and made by the people themselves. The selling is done by women, mostly bought by women but the drinkers are mostly men. It’s…