We wanted to go to a village at about 4 hours drive and 2 hours walking over one hill top. After 1 hour we stopped at some houses and the people asked us where we wanted to go to. After having said so, one of the men said there is another loi village above the houses at about one hour walking. And besides that, as far as he could remember there has never been a foreigner. This is a challenging remark for a photographer like me so we went walking uphill. After more then an hour I asked how far to go . The answer was very soon over the hilltop. To make it short: I walked for 4 hours over 2 hilltops and knowing my physical health you can imagine I was broken. And I had to go down too. I was lucky my guide could arrange a small motorbike for the way down. But I realized this could be even worse. Going down a narrow, slippery path with on side the slope and on the other side nothing but the depth. Finally I made it.
The Loi hill tribe is known for living in socalled “long houses”. They live together with 6 to 10 families and about 60 persons not including animals. On the images you can see how dark it is and they have several fires in these wooden houses. Finally the last image is an impression of my struggle.