Thadingyut Festival celebrates the end of the Buddhist Lent and the return of Buddha to earth at full moon day of Thadingyut (October). It is one of he most important days for Buddhist.The most beautiful and crowded celebration is at the Swedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Next year the pagoda will be according to history 2600 years old.
Thadingyut Festival forms the focus of religious as well as community activities. It is the time of remembering those to whom we owe respect and gratitude. Furthermore we have to ask for forgiveness of might-have-been-done wrongdoing to parents and grandparents.
This candle light festival is there to illuminate the way for Buddha for his descent from heaven. In Burmese it is called the 9.000 candles festival (See Mie Koe Htaung Pwel) and it happens in the mid of October. The images you see here are shot on October 23 last year (2010). And you see them here in my blog because this year (2011) the festival is on 11-13 October. I feel sorry I could not be there.