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Season’s Greetings/ Prettige Feestdagen

Around Mrauk U (Rakhine Sate – Myanmar)

I’ve been around the Rakhine State at the end of 2010. Because nowadays the situation in the Rakhine Sate is really vulnerable I wanted to show you the beautiful place Mrauk U during a peaceful period. This area is really poor and I have written some time ago a post about the fact there is…

Men at work (in Myanmar)

After my last post “Cooking at open fire” people asked me to show this time men at work. This post “Men at work” address that issue at several places in Myanmar. Craftsman in a small village near Mrauk U In a small laquerware factory near Bagan At a jetty in Yangon Fisherman at Inle Lake…

Cooking at open fire (in Myanmar)

During the several trips I stayed at local (hill tribe) families. The houses are always made of wood. And amazing they cook in their wooden houses at open fire. Here are some of images I took, spread over the inland of Myanmar.

Novices (young nuns and monks) in monasteries

After 2 months I feel well enough to come with a new post. I hope I will succeed to post from now on more regularly. This post is focussed on portraits from novices, young nuns and monks in Myanmar. They are quite willing to pose for a portrait but many times they are too shy…

Portrait(s)(studies) from Bhutan

During the last weeks I’ve been working for a Swiis magazine to build up a portfolio with images from Bhutan. I came across a lot of portraitstudies I’ve never shown or published before. The purpose of these images is to show the people as they are in their own habitat. To achieve this it takes…

Art takes Times Square Contest 2012

Here are some of the images from my submission portfolio for “ART takes Times Square” See the link for the complete portfolio.

Portraits at high ISO

After my trip to Viernam/Cambodia people kept on asking for more portraits mostly from Myanmar. And last Monday I have given a presentation for the Fotografencaf√© at Woerden (The Netherlands) about culture/travel photography. A lot of the visitors were very interested in my images shot with high ISO. Now I have made a combination: mostly…

River of Hoi An, Vietnam (near Danang)

Near the city of Danang you will find a small but lovely (but also more touristic) village Hoi An. Strolling through the centre along the river is the thing to do. If you want to see the fishermen take a small boat around sunset.

2 / 2 Nature around the Angkor temples (Feb 16th)

This post is about the way the nature integrated with the temples in the past thousand years. Most trees have grown into the temple of Ta Prohm. It is an amazing and astonishing view. This is my last post from Cambodia. In the coming weeks you will see more images per subject. Thanks for your…