During the last weeks I’ve been working for a Swiis magazine to build up a portfolio with images from Bhutan. I came across a lot of portraitstudies I’ve never shown or published before. The purpose of these images is to show the people as they are in their own habitat. To achieve this it takes some time before they forget you and you can shoot them while they are not anymore posing and feel relaxed.

Monk (novice) in Punakha Dzong (monastery) pushing the prayer wheel

One of the women who daily visits the National Memorial Chorten (Stupa) in Thimphu between the several large prayer wheels

At the silver smith Lungtenzampa in Thimphu

A daily male visitor of the National Memorial Chorten (Stupa) in Thimphu

A novice at the Punakha Dzong preparing tea for the monks

Woman at the prayer wheel

One of the local people living on the hill near Taksang Monastery (often called The Tiger’s Nest) in the Paro Valley

At the Traditional Hospital in Thimphu

Novice explaining the art work in the Punakha Dzong

At the Nunnery Zalukha in Thimphu; nun with a small prayer wheel

At the weaving centre Changzamtok in Thimphu

Monk practicing art activities at the Drongsa Dzong (manastery)