After the Christmas holidays and heading for 2013 I want to show you some colourful portraits. Tet is Vietnamese New Year and I was there at the beginning of this year (23rd January 2012) in a very cold Northern part of North Vietnam near the Chinese border. This is the family holiday and the whole country is on travel to their home area. And it is the time to show their traditional costumes and especially for the children. The head dresses are unique and necessary because it is so cold.

Do me a favour and tell me which portrait (of the 10 shown here) you like the most. Thank you in advance.

colour 01
image 1 Woman eating sugar cane at the Can Cau Market

colour 02
image 2 Near Dong Van

colour 03
image 3 Boy in the mountains near Dong Van

colour 04
image 4 Girl of the Green H’Mong hill tribe

colour 05
image 5 A girl during a drizzly morning (Green H’Mong)

colour 06
image 6 A girl coming out of the mountains (it was very cold)

colour 07
image 7 A girl of the White H’Mong hill tribe

colour 08
image 8 A girl of the Flower H’Mong hill tribe

colour 09
image 9 Two girls on a youth gathering near Dong Van

colour 10
image 10 A girl during a youth festaval on the playground of a school